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the FUTURE of healthcare is now

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ValueH Network is building an ecosystem of the best providers in the State of Florida.  This network is made up of Accountable Care Organization Providers, Clinically Integrated Network Providers, Medicare Advantage. Experienced providers and even those providers who haven’t had experience with value payment models, but still rank at the top in their Quality and Cost metrics.  If you are delivering outcome driven value-based care ValueH WANTS YOU!

Join a Network that values GREAT OUTCOMES and reap the FINANCIAL & JOB SATISFACTION REWARD that comes with it.


VALUEH aggregates the BEST and uses that to negotiate contracts that bring you MAXIMUM INCOME while MANAGING RISK on your behalf.

ValueH supports INDEPENDENT Physicians! 

Our mission is to help you succeed and take your rightful place as the leaders of health delivery.  That starts with recognizing your unique contribution to delivering the best outcomes in both quality and cost.  We make sure the healthcare REVENUE pie is distributed to align to where the value is generated.  ValueH advocates for the independent Physician.

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